What are you waiting for?

Property of Jen Kirkman

I’m at an age where the question of my single-hood and childlessness continually comes up. Apparently it’s a deep seeded concern of not only extended family but also relative strangers! My grandmother recently asked me, “What are you waiting for?” and a client asked me with such concern, “Don’t you want to get married?”
Luckily I’m not the only one faced with these questions, in her new book I can barely take care of  myself, stand-up comedian Jen Kirkman writes about herself and the trials and tribulations of being an unmarried and childless women. You may recognize Jen Kirkman from her role as a narrator in the popular “Drunk History” series from Funny or Die/HBO. If you don’t know who Kirkman is already, she’s a writer for the Chelsea Lately show and is featured on After Lately as well as the Pod F. Tompkast.
Her book is hilarious as Kirkman recounts tales of starting out as a stand up comic and her early realization that maybe a full life doesn’t have to include procreation. This book isn’t an anti-child tome but a humourous tale of self-reflection and living by your own terms.  If you’re lucky you can catch Kirkman touring to support her book which is available not only in print but in eBook and audio-book form. This book is the perfect gift to give all those intrusive family members and friends who think that you’ll spend the rest of your life in a house full of cats. Lucky for me I’m allergic.

property of Jen Kirkman

Property of Jen Kirkman


The Original King

It’s one week until the Vampire Diaries airs their backdoor pilot for the spin-off The Originals, and I couldn’t be more excited. The episode will focus on Klaus’ return to New Orleans where he helped create a now thriving community of vampires, and is now investigating a possible threat to his safety at the hands of a powerful witch.
The Originals spin-off will center on the Mikaelson siblings who are known in the TVD world as the original vampires. The spin-off will set Joseph Morgan‘s Klaus as the star of the show.
From the moment Joseph Morgan entered the world of TVD I was hooked. The seemingly unforgivable Klaus became my favorite character, to the point where I would root against the heroes if they stood in the way of Klaus’ intentions or his survival. So infamous is Morgan’s Klaus that it has earned him the TV Guide magazine fan favorite award for Favorite Villain.  Morgan took a character who was meant to be killed off the end of season 2 and created one of the most dynamic villains turned leading men television has seen. Klaus is ruthless, unforgiving and undeniably selfish but he also has vulnerability. His skewed love of family and desire to belong drive much of his disturbing behaviour. Klaus also has his moments of weakness which I find are best displayed in his interactions between Stefan or Caroline. It’s through these fleeting human moments that I grew to love Klaus, and am excited at the prospect of Joseph Morgan being able to explore this character in greater depth as one of the stars of the possible spin-off.
If the spin-off is picked up I hope that the show will focus on the familial interactions including flashbacks to include the now deceased members of the Mikaelson family, especially Nathaniel Buzolic’s Kol Mikaelson. While many may root for Klaus to become a romantic lead I’d prefer him to remain brooding and solitary while allowing Daniel Gillies character Elijah Mikaelson to focus on romantic liaisons. Check out promo photos for The Originals.
If the Originals gets picked up what do you hope will happen in the series?

The Art of the Con: TVDChicago 2013

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I’ve never been active in fandom, my love of television, movies, and books was a private, personal reverence. All this changed when I headed to Creation Entertainment’s Official Vampire Diaries Convention in Chicago on April 6&7, 2013. The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural drama on the CW Network that centers on a teenage girl named Elena Gilbert and the love triangle involving her and two vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore. Being my first foray into the often crazy Fangdom, I was excited if not slightly apprehensive, but I boarded my flight with my freshly painted TVD nails and uncharacteristic optimism.
As soon as I arrived at the Westin O’Hare you could feel a buzz of excitement, fans were milling around the lobby, lining up to register for the conventions, and visiting the vendors room to look at various TVD themed novelties, and also products from B.O.B which is a company that uses reclaimed wood in creating decorative objects, and coincidentally is owned by Ian Somerhalder’s brother Robert, who works at the booth, and is always happy to talk to fans. Continue reading

Weekly Writing Challenge

April is National Poetry Writing Month and though I’m a little late to start I thought I’d post some of my writing:

Always You
Seemingly your Veronica, truthfully your Betty.
I crave your embrace, while you kiss her face.
My fear made me run, so to you I’ve become;
a place, a space, actions you regret and replace.
I stand so alone with you in this home.
These truths buried deep, without you I can’t sleep.
my heart doesn’t lie, but its truth I’ll deny.
My animus, my reflection
My forever, my never
My present, my past
The first and the last
The beginning, the end
The lover, the friend
Everything, nothing, needing, wanting
always you