End It Movement

END_IT_logo_reverseSlavery still exists, Cathy Glass’ novel Hidden first brought this issue to my attention. In her novel, Glass tells the story of a young boy named Tayo who’s exploited and abused in the horrible world of human trafficking. The saddest part of this story is that it’s true. Over the weekend I was lucky enough to meet Nathaniel Buzolic of theVampire Diaries, who is also trying to bring awareness to the issue through his involvement, with the End It Movement. On April 9, 2013 End It wants to shed light on the horrifying world of human trafficking by asking people to get involved however they can through donations, awareness through social media and in your community. The easiest way to get involved is draw a X on your hand, take a picture and share the photo. Everyone has a right to be free,speak up, be an example, END IT NOW

END IT at theTVD Chicago Convention property of Nathaniel Buzolic


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