23 Things I Love About The Month Of May

Wonder why there are 23 things on this list? Because I was born on the 23rd of May.

  1. Warm, sunny weather
  2. The return of flip flops! Hello toes, goodbye Uggs!
  3. Season finales, especially the finale of The Vampire Diaries
  4. Star Wars day! May the 4th be with you! 
  5. Cinco de Mayo
  6. The return of Arrested Development
  7. The release of the Great Gatsby soundtrack on May 7, until then you can stream it on NPR, definitely listen to the hauntingly brilliant Lana Del Rey’s Young and Beautiful.
  8. Finally upgrading to the new Blackberry Q10…yes I still have a Blackberry
  9. Binge watching shows until the summer TV season starts, Hemlock Grove here I come
  10. The beginning of summer movie season, including The Great Gatsby on May 10th
  11. Lilies of the Valley, these fragrant short blooming flowers are, in my opinion, highly underrated
  12. The return of the wolf pack! The Hangover Part III opens May 24th
  13. The launch of REBEL 13, which celebrates National Youth Arts Week.
  14. Getting back into a regular yoga practice
  15. Getting to finally use my new deck
  16. Going to Canada’s Wonderland again!
  17. Only 2 months until TVDNewJersey!
  18. The on demand release of Hammer of the Gods on May 30, which will be the first starring role for Charlie Bewley and the movie directorial debut of Farren Blackburn
  19. The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, guests include Canadian artist Bryan Lee O’Malley creator of the Scott Pilgrim series
  20. Using the warm weather as an excuse to have frozen yogurt for lunch, or dinner, or whenever…
  21. Finding time to catch up on reading, including Kelley Armstrong’s The Rising
  22. Finally getting to wear all my warm weather clothes, hello again maxi dresses!
  23. Last but not least my birthday on the 23rd! Please feel free to send gifts.

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