Go to hell, Facebook relationship status.

It’s always great to find people who can articulate what I’m feeling #PeopleWillThinkIAmBitter

Not Taken, Not Available

The only time I ever contemplate the benefits of marriage is when I’m filing taxes. April 14 rolls around, and while I’m in a flurry of panic trying to find all the W-2s and 1099s and 1099-Bs and NCC-1701-Ds…oh, wait. A gal can dream, though, right? At least about the post-currency society that logically can’t require one to file federal taxes?

Anyway, once I finally get my important financial documents from out of the sock drawer and the bookshelf and that impossible-to-reach area under a car’s front seat and dutifully enter all the information in to the IRS’ consistently malfunctioning e-file form, I have to consult a tax table to figure out how much I owe. Which is generally twice as much as a married couple filing jointly would have to pay. Which makes me call up my first ex-husband and say, “Hey, you want to get married for real…

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