Hammer of the Gods Review

I wrote a review of Hammer of the Gods for the awesome fan page Bewley Fans!


Charlie Bewley Fans

SteinarBy Nadine

On July 5th, Hammer of the Gods makes its US theatrical debut. The film is directed by Farren Blackburn and stars Charlie Bewley, best known for his role in the Twilight films and Clive Standen, who currently stars in the television show Vikings. Award-winning television director Farren Blackburn’s first foray into feature films is a brutal coming of age tale set in 871 AD in the time of Vikings. Hammer tells the tale of Steinar, played by Bewley, a young Viking prince sent by his dying father, King Bagsecg, on a quest to find his estranged brother, Hakan the Ferocious, in order to lead their army against the Saxons.

Filmed in Wales the lush beautiful backdrop contrasts brilliantly with the often violent imagery of the film. From the use of character titles in the opening scene, to the uniquely cut scenes, Blackburn’s television background is…

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