Personal Legend: Charlie Bewley

A piece I wrote about Charlie Bewley

Charlie Bewley Fans

“I know you’re tired of not fitting in

But it’s not fitting in that will help to begin to show you your beauty”

-Lyrics from Charlie by Ingrid Michaelson

With his piercing blue eyes and looks best described as boyishly handsome mixed with an unpolished ruggedness, it’s easy to understand Charlie Bewley’s appeal. Now put his physicality aside, what would you be left with? Lucky for Charlie there’s more to this man than a pretty face. Best known for his comical antics and light heartedness, it’s easy to dismiss him as nothing more than a good looking guy who caught a break. This couldn’t be further from the truth; with no formal training and an undying desire to fulfill his dreams of ‘doing everything’, Charlie decided he’d become an actor and wouldn’t let anyone stand in his way. The passionate up-and-coming actor takes life in stride and is determined…

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