What do you do April?

Having been to two Creation Entertainment conventions for the Vampire Diaries this year I’m still rather new to the world of conventions. I was lucky enough to talk with one of the lovely volunteers who make the events run ever so smoothly. April Lawson Hancock is one of the many volunteers Creation employs to help in various positions during each convention. April started out as a fan herself when she attended a Twilight convention in 2010, and from then she was hooked. As a stay at home mom she rarely spent time away from her family but loved the convention environment so much that in 2012 she started to volunteer.
As a volunteer April can be asked to cover many different duties depending on where she’s needed. She’s worked in the vendor’s room, security and her personal favorite; photo ops. When working as a photo-op volunteer her duties can include: ticket taking, line control, and helping the convention attendees through the photo-op process.
April loves interacting with the fans and seeing their excitement during the events; getting to meet a lot of people is one of the best parts of her volunteering. She’s also made many lasting friendships through working the events. Though it may seem like it’s all fun there is some work involved and April’s least favorite part is the exhaustion that comes Monday morning when the convention’s over.
Having volunteered at Twilight, Supernatural and Vampire Diaries conventions, April admits her favorite convention to volunteer at has been Supernatural and she doesn’t even watch the show! Favorite celebrity guests she’s worked with are Daniel Cudmore and Christian Camargo, from Twilight, whom she describes as gracious and down-to-earth. She tries to treat everyone she interacts with the same regardless of whether they are a celebrity or fan. Her craziest fan experience was when she got caught up in the madness of the Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 premiere. She loved being right in the middle of all the fandemonium on their black carpet. Though she doesn’t believe she’s been starstruck she thinks if she had a chance to meet Stan Lee she may just fangirl a little, and would love to be able to work with Sandra Bullock. April says, “I absolutely love working at the Creation Conventions, I’m a mother of 6 and this is my fun time with friends.”
For information on applying to volunteer.


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