Kissed by Light Photo Shoot

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I love having my picture taken, the problem is I inevitably hate how I look in pictures. Keeping that in mind I decided to bravely book a session with the Toronto photography studio Kissed by Light, I was immediately impressed by their professionalism and prompt communications. The owner and photographer, Lora Vertue was readily available to answer all my questions and easily put me at ease. I decided to opt for their full service package which included the use of their own stylist Nelly Tsyrlin and makeup artist Irene Sy.
I’ve always secretly wanted to be the star in a fashion photo shoot, and this was my opportunity to play pretend at being a model. Working with Nelly we came up with the concept for the shoot, Nelly was great at suggesting ideas and looks that really connected to the vision of the shoot. I wanted something classy but not overly fussy. We decided on looks inspired by the 1920’s and flapper style.
When I arrived for the shoot I met with Irene the makeup artist and she set to work on making me camera ready. Trust me when I say I don’t look like that everyday, Irene worked her magic to transform me into a 1920’s vision, I couldn’t stop looking at her work and wondering who was the reflection in the mirror.
While their specialty is boudoir shoots, we incorporated some fashion shots as well. Anyone who thinks modelling is easy think again, by the end of the shoot I was sore and tired but excited to see the results. Lora was great and not only creating a comfortable environment but also in giving me directions that were clear and easy for me to follow which helped her get the shots she needed.
After the shoot I returned to the studio to look over the edited shots and choose the ones I wanted to be made into a commemorative photo-book. This was one of the hardest parts! Lora had captured so many amazing images, I was in awe, I barely recognized myself. After much debate I chose my images and excitedly waited for finished products.
I had so much fun with Kissed By Light I would definitely do it again. If you get the opportunity to have a photo shoot like this don’t hesitate. And just in time for the holidays they are offering specials on their packages. For more on Kissed By Light check out their Blog, Facebook page.
Special thanks to Ameri-Anna Ozigis for all the wonderful behind-the-scenes footage.


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