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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

It’s almost Christmas so most of us have our gifts all wrapped but if you’re still looking for something unique to give here’s a great suggestion: give the gift of Thunder Road. The hard-working guys of Astoria Entertainment’s Indiegogo campaign to fund their first film Thunder Road may be over but you can still get in on the amazing incentives. Through their Thunder Road site they are still accepting donations, all you have to do is visit the site and follow their instructions. Not only are you  helping support a film that could help bring awareness to PTSD, a shocking epidemic that affects not only veterans but many others who endure in relative silence, but you’re also going to get some amazing things back. There are numerous levels of donations with equally awesome incentives.
For any movie lover the chance to attend a private screening of the film with the stars is an opportunity not to be missed. With screenings in various locations, including Los Angeles, Toronto, London, and Dallas, you have your choice of where you want to attend.

If you’re a fan of Twilight or know someone who is then you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to Bowl with Charlie Bewley and a few of his vampire and wolf friends, including Daniel Cudmore and Bronson Pelletier. This event is happening February 2, 2014 so tickets are being offered for a limited time only. Taking place at Lucky Strike in Hollywood you’ll get the opportunity to spend a few hours partying with the stars! Seeing Charlie in bowling shoes more than makes this worth your while. Tickets are $250/each and you can get them by going to the site and specify you want to attend the bowling event.

And if you’re in the extra giving mood you can surprise someone with the gift of visiting the actual Thunder Road set! That’s right for a true supporter or fan they can have a chance to not only visit the set but can also be an extra in the film! And keep watching their site for news and updates on all things Thunder Road.

Happy Holidays!


Give the Gift of Indie

‘Tis the season of giving and here are some great gift suggestions if you’re looking for unique gift ideas. This year consider giving the gift of ‘Indie’ or independently made, I’m suggesting that in lieu of the more well-known or more sought after gifts there are some really great gems to be had if you know where to look.
My favorite site for all things independently made is Etsy, which has everything from clothes, crafts and so much more. One of my favorite Etsy store is Chattergold Studios, which features the beautiful photography from Seattle-based photographer Tricia.

Do you know a bookworm? Give the give of these amazing books from so authors I’ve been lucky enough to discover this year. My Heart is an Autumn Garage by Anne Theriault(The Belle Jar) is a heart-breakingly honest account of her battle with depression including her experience with hospitalization. S C Rhyne’s debut The Reporter and The Girl MINUS the Super Man! is (in the author’s own words) not a love story but tales the semi-autobiographical story of an interracial relationship in or modern dating world.
Is it a coincidence that Santa and Satan share all the same letters?  Not if you want to give the gift of the Hellbound Trilogy by Tim Hawken including: Hellbound, I Am Satan and the just released finale Deicide.
Angela Kulig’s newest bookPigments of my Imagination(POMI) is a wonderful tale of romance, mixed with adventure and mystery. Savannah Stewart is an up-and-coming author who’s novel Moments of Reckoning should not be missed.
Diana Emuge‘s Seamless is the fictional tale of a women’s struggle against many issues especially within herself.
Not just for actors Anthony Meindl‘s book’s At Left Brain Turn Right and Alphabet Soup for Grown-Ups are informative, enlightening and best of all entertaining!

For the lighter side of things considering giving the gift of laughter courtesy of the hilarious guys from Superego their podcast is gift enough but you can also check out their album Mount Us More by The Journeymen(a fictional band they created).

Give the gift of independent film, consider donating to one of the many great films with crowdfund campaigns, including my personal favorite Thunder Road.  There are still incentives available and what movie lover wouldn’t like the opportunity to go to a private screening of the film with the actors in attendance?

For the philanthropic, why not give the gift of a donation to charity or even just offer your time and volunteer? personal favorite of mine is the newly formed Pedal Against PTSD who aim to help suffers of PTSD through cycling as well as raise overall awareness of PTSD to the general public, and you can donate here. The Young family of Hamilton Ontario, has truly found the meaning of the season and are hosting a Boxing day party and have committed to providing a hearty meal and gifts for 50 people who would otherwise be alone on Christmas or unable to provide those things for themselves, anyone interested in helping can donate to them through PayPal, your donations will go towards the food and gifts for these families.
Happy Holidays!