Bowling with Bewley

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While Astoria is still hard at work on Thunder Road a couple of weeks ago they took some time out for a great day of fun and incentive fulfillment. Bowling with Bewley is the first event of the many great incentives available to contributors to Thunder Road. Held at Lucky Strike in Hollywood fans and friends turned out to support a day of bowling and Super Bowl fun. Charlie Bewley had the support of his castmates from the Twilight franchise: Alex Meraz, Gil Birmingham, Erik Odom, Pat Brennan, Bill Tangradi, Justine Wachsberger as well as Matt Dallas, Steven Grayhm,  Andy Nguyen and his veteran friends from Honor Courage Commitment.

It was an once in a lifetime opportunity for fans to spend the day with these wonderful actors and even beat some of them at bowling! Charlie generously (and with much pride) lent his ever so stylish bowling shirts to his friends Matt Dallas, Steven Grayhm and Andy Nguyen to wear in honour of the event. The losing team was helmed by Charlie and their punishment involved a whole lot of push-ups. I was thankfully on team werewolf headed by Alex Meraz who was nice enough to offer me some bowling advice, unfortunately for Alex my abysmal bowling was not due to a misunderstanding of bowling techniques, the whole event was very casual and fun was had by all.

After bowling we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the Super Bowl festivities in the VIP room of Lucky Strike. In honour of both the event and the recent birthdays of both Charlie and Steven, a special sweet surprise of custom cupcakes and cake created by Mary’s Cake Shop, was enjoyed along with other delicious goodies provided by the wonderful staff of Lucky Strike. There was another round of punishing push-ups for the losing team during one of the commercials breaks, the half-time show was a roaring success with many of the guests getting up and dancing, including the always entertaining Matt Dallas. All the guests were happy enough to chat and take pictures throughout the event making the atmosphere intimate and unforgettable, some incentive attendees were even lucky enough to get to re-enact Steven Grayhm’s ‘Boy Band’ pose!

If you’re sad you missed out on such a wonderful and unique opportunity don’t despair you can still join in the fun with many other incentives coming up including a BBQ with Matt Dallas and the entire cast of Kyle XY, or for the aspiring actors you can become part of the magic of Thunder Road by being an extra or a cast member, for more on how to contribute visit and their Thunder Road: Feature Film page on Facebook. 

Special thanks to Cherish and Sarah for being the unofficial photographers for the event.


Book Review: The Reporter and The Girl (MINUS The Super Man!)

FrontCover.Final - CopyHave you ever read something that resonated so personally that it could have been your own story? That’s how it felt when I first started reading  The Reporter and The Girl (MINUS The Super Man!) a blog chronicling the relationship of a women in her 20’s in New York with the elusive and entrancing reporter ‘Jon’.  The blog was so popular that the author S C Rhyne published a novel based on it.

Set in New York Rhyne’s debut novel is a brilliant account of first love between Sabrien Collins and Jon Sudbury. Anyone can relate to the all consuming and overwhelming feelings that come with the ‘fall’. A compelling and truthful account with none of the stereotypical chicklit devices, you won’t find any love triangles here, just an honest and at times cringe inducing tale of love/lust gone awry. While the story is a work of fiction the characters are easily relatable it’s not unlikely that you will have met your own ‘Jon’ or behaved at some point like Sabrien. The author effectively adds eroticism to the tale with Sabrien’s involvement in BDSM, the addition is successful in its employ without feeling like a convenient nod to the many ‘mommy porn’ novels that have been published recently. The various scenes are essential to the progression of both the characters relationship and the flow of the story.

More than a love story Sabrien’s journey to realizing how much she gained and lost by loving Jon will speak to readers who’ve ever allowed their sense of selves, their needs and dreams be derailed by the presence of another. Not to be mistaken for an everyday romance you will be swept away by the raw pain of Sabrien’s despair and impressed by her detachment and ability to look at the relationship like an outside observer.

Rhyne’s writing style has a relaxed flow and is descriptive without being distracting, the reader is immersed in Sabrien’s world, fashion and even food. The book reads less like a novel and more like a first person account of real-life love lost. A brilliant debut I look forward to reading more from this talented author. The Reporter and The Girl (MINUS The Super Man!) is available on Amazon in paperback . For more check out her blog, webpage, pinterest and follow her on twitter.Back Cover