Fandom Feature: Matt Dallas Only

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I find fandoms fascinating, from a purely anthropological standpoint of an outside observer there is nothing more interesting. Over the past year of blogging I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many people in various fandoms but very few have been as welcoming and supportive as the members of Team Matt Dallas, especially Nermina and Sam, the amazing creators of the fansite Matt Dallas Only. Created in 2011 Matt Dallas Only is a fansite that features all things Matt Dallas. The site is all about their favorite actor Matt Dallas, his acting projects, charities & fans. They wanted to create a site that would give fans more attention than what was offered when they started. Incredibly indicative of our virtual society Nermina and Sam have never met in person and met ‘online’ through a fan forum called Essential Matt Dallas. What started as a mutual fan appreciation of Kyle XY (Matt Dallas played the main character) has blossomed into an amazing friendship and collaborative effort making Matt Dallas Only such a success.

Nermina came up with the idea to create a site and asked Sam to be her partner. “The more we knew about Matt Dallas the more we loved the man that he is. Plus, at the time, there wasn’t enough websites for Matt & his fans. Especially since a lot of fans were asking a lot of questions but no one was answering them.” She credits Sam for always being on top of the latest news and updating the site with all the new photos and Matt Dallas’ appearances. Both agree that running a fansite can be time-consuming and requires dedication, but the pay off makes it more than worth it.

“It’s overwhelming sometimes. With our busy schedules, we have so little time to update all our social media accounts! However, it’s so rewarding when we see all the interactions from all over the world & we receive A LOT of feedback, questions, etc…”

Some of their favorite memories include when Matt Dallas followed them on twitter, and when Omar Epps, Marlon Wayans & Ty Hodges used a link from the website & tweeted them. Credited for creating the term Team Matt Dallas, Nermina and Sam shared some of the other possible names suggested on their Facebook page for the Matt Dallas fandom: Mattronauts, Matteratis/Mattinos/Mattinas, The Dallas Army,Mattsters, The Mattie Big Ds, Mattie’s Angels, Mattie Matts, Matt’s Munchkins.

“I remember that we got a lot of response from fans on Twitter when Matt returned to TV playing Fitch on Baby Daddy. It was a happy moment for all of us Kyle XY fans because we all miss seeing Matt on a TV-show. And also to see Matt reunite with Jean-Luc Bilodeau, who played Kyle’s brother on Kyle XY, was really awesome and it brought back many memories. Let’s not forget how everyone showed their support for the indie film Thunder Road. The summer & full of 2013 were truly unforgettable. And if the Astoria Boys asked for our help again, we’d be there for them in a heart beat.”

For all things Matt Dallas be sure to check out Matt Dallas Only on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr