Book Review: The Reporter and The Girl (MINUS The Super Man!)

FrontCover.Final - CopyHave you ever read something that resonated so personally that it could have been your own story? That’s how it felt when I first started reading  The Reporter and The Girl (MINUS The Super Man!) a blog chronicling the relationship of a women in her 20’s in New York with the elusive and entrancing reporter ‘Jon’.  The blog was so popular that the author S C Rhyne published a novel based on it.

Set in New York Rhyne’s debut novel is a brilliant account of first love between Sabrien Collins and Jon Sudbury. Anyone can relate to the all consuming and overwhelming feelings that come with the ‘fall’. A compelling and truthful account with none of the stereotypical chicklit devices, you won’t find any love triangles here, just an honest and at times cringe inducing tale of love/lust gone awry. While the story is a work of fiction the characters are easily relatable it’s not unlikely that you will have met your own ‘Jon’ or behaved at some point like Sabrien. The author effectively adds eroticism to the tale with Sabrien’s involvement in BDSM, the addition is successful in its employ without feeling like a convenient nod to the many ‘mommy porn’ novels that have been published recently. The various scenes are essential to the progression of both the characters relationship and the flow of the story.

More than a love story Sabrien’s journey to realizing how much she gained and lost by loving Jon will speak to readers who’ve ever allowed their sense of selves, their needs and dreams be derailed by the presence of another. Not to be mistaken for an everyday romance you will be swept away by the raw pain of Sabrien’s despair and impressed by her detachment and ability to look at the relationship like an outside observer.

Rhyne’s writing style has a relaxed flow and is descriptive without being distracting, the reader is immersed in Sabrien’s world, fashion and even food. The book reads less like a novel and more like a first person account of real-life love lost. A brilliant debut I look forward to reading more from this talented author. The Reporter and The Girl (MINUS The Super Man!) is available on Amazon in paperback . For more check out her blog, webpage, pinterest and follow her on twitter.Back Cover


Give the Gift of Indie

‘Tis the season of giving and here are some great gift suggestions if you’re looking for unique gift ideas. This year consider giving the gift of ‘Indie’ or independently made, I’m suggesting that in lieu of the more well-known or more sought after gifts there are some really great gems to be had if you know where to look.
My favorite site for all things independently made is Etsy, which has everything from clothes, crafts and so much more. One of my favorite Etsy store is Chattergold Studios, which features the beautiful photography from Seattle-based photographer Tricia.

Do you know a bookworm? Give the give of these amazing books from so authors I’ve been lucky enough to discover this year. My Heart is an Autumn Garage by Anne Theriault(The Belle Jar) is a heart-breakingly honest account of her battle with depression including her experience with hospitalization. S C Rhyne’s debut The Reporter and The Girl MINUS the Super Man! is (in the author’s own words) not a love story but tales the semi-autobiographical story of an interracial relationship in or modern dating world.
Is it a coincidence that Santa and Satan share all the same letters?  Not if you want to give the gift of the Hellbound Trilogy by Tim Hawken including: Hellbound, I Am Satan and the just released finale Deicide.
Angela Kulig’s newest bookPigments of my Imagination(POMI) is a wonderful tale of romance, mixed with adventure and mystery. Savannah Stewart is an up-and-coming author who’s novel Moments of Reckoning should not be missed.
Diana Emuge‘s Seamless is the fictional tale of a women’s struggle against many issues especially within herself.
Not just for actors Anthony Meindl‘s book’s At Left Brain Turn Right and Alphabet Soup for Grown-Ups are informative, enlightening and best of all entertaining!

For the lighter side of things considering giving the gift of laughter courtesy of the hilarious guys from Superego their podcast is gift enough but you can also check out their album Mount Us More by The Journeymen(a fictional band they created).

Give the gift of independent film, consider donating to one of the many great films with crowdfund campaigns, including my personal favorite Thunder Road.  There are still incentives available and what movie lover wouldn’t like the opportunity to go to a private screening of the film with the actors in attendance?

For the philanthropic, why not give the gift of a donation to charity or even just offer your time and volunteer? personal favorite of mine is the newly formed Pedal Against PTSD who aim to help suffers of PTSD through cycling as well as raise overall awareness of PTSD to the general public, and you can donate here. The Young family of Hamilton Ontario, has truly found the meaning of the season and are hosting a Boxing day party and have committed to providing a hearty meal and gifts for 50 people who would otherwise be alone on Christmas or unable to provide those things for themselves, anyone interested in helping can donate to them through PayPal, your donations will go towards the food and gifts for these families.
Happy Holidays!


What are you waiting for?

Property of Jen Kirkman

I’m at an age where the question of my single-hood and childlessness continually comes up. Apparently it’s a deep seeded concern of not only extended family but also relative strangers! My grandmother recently asked me, “What are you waiting for?” and a client asked me with such concern, “Don’t you want to get married?”
Luckily I’m not the only one faced with these questions, in her new book I can barely take care of  myself, stand-up comedian Jen Kirkman writes about herself and the trials and tribulations of being an unmarried and childless women. You may recognize Jen Kirkman from her role as a narrator in the popular “Drunk History” series from Funny or Die/HBO. If you don’t know who Kirkman is already, she’s a writer for the Chelsea Lately show and is featured on After Lately as well as the Pod F. Tompkast.
Her book is hilarious as Kirkman recounts tales of starting out as a stand up comic and her early realization that maybe a full life doesn’t have to include procreation. This book isn’t an anti-child tome but a humourous tale of self-reflection and living by your own terms.  If you’re lucky you can catch Kirkman touring to support her book which is available not only in print but in eBook and audio-book form. This book is the perfect gift to give all those intrusive family members and friends who think that you’ll spend the rest of your life in a house full of cats. Lucky for me I’m allergic.

property of Jen Kirkman

Property of Jen Kirkman