Craving connection I reach out
Answering back without a sound
You consume all of me thoughtlessly
Unaware apparently the effect you have
One of many and yet so few are able to reach you
Touching without hands, feelings without a cause
Spurned and encouraged I continue
Devastation with elation

More of my poetry – Untitled Longing


Weekly Writing Challenge

April is National Poetry Writing Month and though I’m a little late to start I thought I’d post some of my writing:

Always You
Seemingly your Veronica, truthfully your Betty.
I crave your embrace, while you kiss her face.
My fear made me run, so to you I’ve become;
a place, a space, actions you regret and replace.
I stand so alone with you in this home.
These truths buried deep, without you I can’t sleep.
my heart doesn’t lie, but its truth I’ll deny.
My animus, my reflection
My forever, my never
My present, my past
The first and the last
The beginning, the end
The lover, the friend
Everything, nothing, needing, wanting
always you