The Original King

It’s one week until the Vampire Diaries airs their backdoor pilot for the spin-off The Originals, and I couldn’t be more excited. The episode will focus on Klaus’ return to New Orleans where he helped create a now thriving community of vampires, and is now investigating a possible threat to his safety at the hands of a powerful witch.
The Originals spin-off will center on the Mikaelson siblings who are known in the TVD world as the original vampires. The spin-off will set Joseph Morgan‘s Klaus as the star of the show.
From the moment Joseph Morgan entered the world of TVD I was hooked. The seemingly unforgivable Klaus became my favorite character, to the point where I would root against the heroes if they stood in the way of Klaus’ intentions or his survival. So infamous is Morgan’s Klaus that it has earned him the TV Guide magazine fan favorite award for Favorite Villain.  Morgan took a character who was meant to be killed off the end of season 2 and created one of the most dynamic villains turned leading men television has seen. Klaus is ruthless, unforgiving and undeniably selfish but he also has vulnerability. His skewed love of family and desire to belong drive much of his disturbing behaviour. Klaus also has his moments of weakness which I find are best displayed in his interactions between Stefan or Caroline. It’s through these fleeting human moments that I grew to love Klaus, and am excited at the prospect of Joseph Morgan being able to explore this character in greater depth as one of the stars of the possible spin-off.
If the spin-off is picked up I hope that the show will focus on the familial interactions including flashbacks to include the now deceased members of the Mikaelson family, especially Nathaniel Buzolic’s Kol Mikaelson. While many may root for Klaus to become a romantic lead I’d prefer him to remain brooding and solitary while allowing Daniel Gillies character Elijah Mikaelson to focus on romantic liaisons. Check out promo photos for The Originals.
If the Originals gets picked up what do you hope will happen in the series?


20 Questions About…

The Vampire Diaries, adapted from the 30 Day Challenge

Favorite male character: Klaus, Joseph Morgan’s portrayal of the sociopathic yet vulnerable villain makes me tune in each week.

Favorite female character: Anna, I loved her attitude and the chemistry between her and Jeremy.

Least favorite character: Bonnie, unfortunately for me I find she’s the least developed emotionally and tends to end up in the same situations

Favorite episode: season 3 episode 7 “Ghost World”, I loved seeing Anna and Jeremy reunited and Lexi help out Elena with Stefan

Least favorite episode: don’t have one really but admittedly I prefer episodes with Joseph Morgan in them.

Favorite scene: the finale scene of the season 3 premiere with Elena on the phone with Stefan, Paul Wesley ability to convey so much pain and longing without uttering a word makes me cry every time.
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