Why I watch Girls

Like it or not Lena Dunham is the ‘it’ girl of the moment, from the moment HBO started airing her show Girls last year it became a pop culture phenomenon. The show has both its fans and detractors, and sometimes the two can become blurred. The first time I watched the show I thought that would be the first and last time I’d be tuning in, but I gave it a second look and now watch it every week. My initial reaction was that the characters were too self-involved and unlikeable, and then I realized that was how every 20 something girl seems! I loved the fact that the actresses on the show weren’t the stereotypical Hollywood girls, and I love the wardrobe choices, I’m a huge fan of jumpers! I kept watching Girls because I can relate to the situations and empathize with the characters trials; I was cringing as Marnie sang Kanye West’s Stronger in an episode. Though I’ve never worn a mesh tank while on a cocaine binge, I can relate to Hannah in many ways. Coincidently I also had an ‘Adam’ during my 20’s, who oddly enough also got hit by a truck. My ‘Adam’ fortunately never treated me as badly as Adam treated Hannah, but that’s the power of Lena Dunham’s storytelling. She’s created a world that can be outrageous but also believable. Though some of the initial charm of the series has faded in this second season, I find the episodes don’t always have the same unifying story arc and tend to be more standalone episodes, the show still retains its honest and no hold barred originality. For more on the series check out Vulture’s recaps. Girls air on Sundays at 9pm on HBO Canada