20 Questions About…

The Vampire Diaries, adapted from the 30 Day Challenge

Favorite male character: Klaus, Joseph Morgan’s portrayal of the sociopathic yet vulnerable villain makes me tune in each week.

Favorite female character: Anna, I loved her attitude and the chemistry between her and Jeremy.

Least favorite character: Bonnie, unfortunately for me I find she’s the least developed emotionally and tends to end up in the same situations

Favorite episode: season 3 episode 7 “Ghost World”, I loved seeing Anna and Jeremy reunited and Lexi help out Elena with Stefan

Least favorite episode: don’t have one really but admittedly I prefer episodes with Joseph Morgan in them.

Favorite scene: the finale scene of the season 3 premiere with Elena on the phone with Stefan, Paul Wesley ability to convey so much pain and longing without uttering a word makes me cry every time.
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